Jobs In Qatar

Jobs In Qatar

Jobs In Qatar. We are focused on a comprehensive and different working environment that qualities and supports the commitments of every person. This dedication alongside our normal Vision and Values of Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility, permits us to use contrasts, empower development and grow our achievement in the worldwide commercial centre. Vectors is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Every certified candidate will get thought for work regardless of race, shading, religion, age, sex, public beginning, ensured veteran status or status as a person with a handicap. EOE/Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran.

Jobs In Qatar


This position depiction is liable to change whenever varying to meet the prerequisites of the program or organization.

Position Summary

The Postal Clerk activity is a basic segment to the mission achievement of the Camp As Sayliyah (CAS), Qatar Army Post Office (APO). This position is doled out to the Finance Section of the APO and is liable for clerk tasks, appropriate bundling and marking of email/packages, and examination and sacking activities.

Major Job Activities

This position is liable for the budgetary tasks inside the CAS APO. Postal representative interfaces legitimately with the client to help them with the mailing their things, give postal fund administrations to incorporate assortment of postage, offer of postage stamps, cash orders, and responsible mail administrations utilizing the Retail Systems Software (RSS). Conduct package examinations to incorporate expulsion of non-mailable things, re-pressing, taping and fixing, and naming things for mailing. Perform receipt and dispatch mail activities at the nearby air terminal to incorporate planning with neighbourhood customs authorities during x-beam mail scanning. Receipt, sweep, and dispatch responsible mail and guarantee the dispersed mail is marked for by the customers. Distribute mail to mail agents for allocated units during unit mail call. Perform index administrations to incorporate sending pre-coordinated, inadequately tended to, change of address, and come back to sender letters, and use the Consolidated Air Massing and Labelling Scheme (CAMALS). Retrieve active letter mail from drop boxes situated all through the installation. Help guarantee the insurance of mail and mail office are made sure about at all times. The position is confirmed as a Mail Clerk/Postal Clerk. Coming up next is a rundown of the significant obligations of the activity and a gauge of the level of time spent on every duty. (The principle capacity of the activity might be where the most time is spent.)

  • Package examination, pressing, and naming cycle, 25%
  • Money and client administrations, 25%
  • Receipt and dispatch mail at air terminal, 20%
  • Mail appropriation, 13%
  • Index administration, 8%
  • Stacking and off-stacking mail truck, 7%
  • Extra Duties, 2%
  • Must be happy to take a shot at occasions, short notification and additional time to help crucial.

Jobs In Qatar

Material and Equipment Directly Used

PC, RSS, Product Tracking and Scanning (PTS), Nesting, Receptacle Dispatch, wireless, vehicle, and other office hardware.

Working Environment

Natural Factors: Must be equipped for working in an extraordinary climate conditions with temperatures surpassing 120 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 49 °C).

Work Week: 48 hours (6 days @ 8 hours per day) is the standard work week. This position requires adaptability in work hours.

Physical Activities

Must have the option to lift 70 lbs.

Jobs In Qatar



Education/Certifications : One year related experience might be fill in for one year of training, if degree is required.

Partners degree ideal; High School recognition required.

Finished proper military postal preparing or hands on postal preparing liked.


One to two years military postal (APO) or potentially sorting room experience. Must have a flow US driver’s permit or momentum abroad drivers permit. Moreover, must have the option to acquire a neighbourhood Qatari driver’s permit.


  • Can work or fit for figuring out how to use an RSS.
  • Can work or fit for figuring out how to use Product Tracking and Scanning (PTS).
  • Can work or fit for figuring out how to explore in the Automated Military Postal System (AMPS) program.
  • Can work or fit for figuring out how to use Nesting and Receptacle Dispatch.
  • Must have amazing client support and listening abilities.
  • Must have the capacity to express the English language in an expert way

Administrative/Budget Responsibilities

This isn’t a Supervisor position and no Supervisor Budget obligations.

Apply link:- Postal Clerk

Jobs In Qatar

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